• Welcome to the most state of the art training system in the Pacific Northwest. For 14 years New Athlete has been, and continues to be, the area's leader in human performance.  Whether you are a professional athlete or a middle school athlete, with dreams of making it big, this is the system you MUST try. 


Improve 40 time by .2 - .4's

Increase vertical leap by 4"- 6" ,at least

Increase lean muscle by 10 - 25lbs

Increase fastball velocity by 4-10mph

Improve ability to perform tasks you normally couldn't.


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Training the human to move the way a human is designed to move, not the way a football player, softball player, soccer player etc moves. The fact is that 99% of athletes have very flawed movement patterns. Most coaches and strength coaches don't know how to correct these deficiencies so they train through them hoping the athlete doesn't get injured. When you begin to eliminate the flaws the athlete brings to the training setting both mentally and physically you open up the true potential the athlete truly has inside. Anyone can lift weights and yell talk about being great but those are systems that typically depend on seeing instant success, as we see in our society. Athletes are not made over night or in short 6, 10 , 24 week blocks of time. Just like character takes time to develop so to does creating elite performance. Results should also not be determined by increasing weight on a lift or an arbitrary test as seen on TV during try outs. Rather results should be held to repeating great performances and increasing output on the field of play. Too much emphasis is placed on performing a certain way in arbitrary tests to determine your performance yet the on field performance is sacrificed. It all MUST be accounted for and increase. Performing well in those tests should not be any different then performing on the field of play. We train to perform in all settings regardless of the sport.


Results are the back bone of New Athlete, and have been a mainstay for 14 years. Anything from lean muscle gain to faster and improved running form but more importantly repeated results that carry over to the field year in and year out.


 Offering 2 locations in the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

Vancouver WA -  3,100 square feet. Turf for specific combine drills when applicable.

Clackamas OR - 2000 square feet facility located in 212 sports in Clackamas OR.

In the News

New Athlete is proud to announce that in the class of 2014,  23 athletes have signed letters of intent to play their respective sports in college.


Greg Peavey - Binghamton Pitcher of the year. Set Career highs in wins, strike outs, and innings pitched. All while injury free.

Greg Peavey - Binghamton Pitcher of the year. Set Career highs in wins, strike outs, and innings pitched. All while injury free.